CONCEPT:  This urban infill project was conceived of as a modest scaled, purpose built and high performance building for a young family of three.  Reclaimed materials, from local landmarks including the recently demolished Schlitz Brewhouse, were incorporated throughout the project as repurposed durable finishes and features.

Integral sustainable design strategies include a ground linked thermal mass concrete slab with hydronic heating, site orientation to maximize southern solar exposure and a narrow building footprint to effectively daylight and ventilate the building.  A solar hot water system to supplement both domestic and hydronic use is installed on the garage, while the main and office roofs are designed to accommodate future photovoltaic arrays.  Pervious paving at the driveway and courtyard, along with stormwater collection at rain barrels, distributed to a rain garden will maintain a landscape of low maintenance native plantings.

The site orientation, driven by dual front yard setbacks pushing the building envelope to the rear corner, minimizes wasted yard space, while creating multiple levels of increasing privacy, from the terraced front yard with planted screens, to the relative privacy of the central courtyard, a substantial room for the family in the summer months via easy access through a massive sliding door to the contiguous interior spaces.

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