Ramsey Jones Architects was established in 2010 based upon the premise that high quality design should be both affordable and accessible.  The constructed results of our process need also exhibit specific qualities of beautiful, well proportioned and livable space.  Regardless of project scale, budget or function, these goals drive the design.

Purpose built and high performance buildings result from our design process.  By this I mean thoughtful and creative design specific to the client’s needs, site, budget and community today, while providing the ongoing and long-term benefits of reduced operating costs and low maintenance, all configured as beautiful and high functioning space.

Implicit within the goal of creating memorable space is the seamless integration of sustainable design.  While sustainable design can entail high tech solutions such as solar panels and geo-thermal heating/cooling, more often it takes the shape of simple decisions made at the start of a project.  Site design and solar orientation are two of the simplest methods yielding the greatest economic benefits over the life of a building.  Durable, low maintenance, reclaimed and local materials represent yet another tier of decisions that can have a lasting effect on the success of a project.  When viewed holistically, this vast array of decisions made at the front end of a project will dictate the long-term success more than any other aspect.

As an architect who has practiced for nearly two decades spent predominantly at mid-sized firms, my range of project experience runs from small summer cottages to State University museums.  It is this broad range of experience that best qualifies me to work with a client to find solutions unique to their project, their community, their needs and their budget.  I come in with no pre-conceived notions about a building design, but with high-level technical, design and communication skills.  Due to this broad range of project experience, I often refer to the firm as being Expert in the One Off.

Patrick R. Jones
Principal Owner